Brand Reputation Management Software Features to Look for

Managing your brand reputation online will help you get more clients and retain existing ones. The words that people say about you on the internet can make or break you, which is why you must take care of your name. Customers will avoid doing business with you if you have a bad reputation. On the other hand, they will choose you if your reputation is good. You need to generate positive reviews from clients to build your brand. However, it can be time-consuming to do this manually. A brand reputation management software is the answer to that. This software will automate the process making it more convenient. Here are some features to look for when choosing your software.

Security of brand reputation management software

In any software, security is always one of the essential features to consider. Since you will be dealing with company data, it needs to be secured, especially if it’s cloud-based. Everything that is accessible online is at risk of data theft and various malicious programs. So choose one that is guaranteed to be safe. 

Review generation and monitoring

Getting reviews from customers and monitoring them can be challenging, especially if you claimed your business on different review sites and social media platforms. Claiming your business on these pages is vital to increase your brand awareness. It will also allow you to respond to these reviews. Find software to automate the review generation process for you. It should also make monitoring easy by letting you conveniently check reviews from various sites on one page and respond to them. It should also let you create canned messages that you can easily edit to personalize them to the concern. 

You will find in the long run the most common concerns of customers. Writing templates to use in responding to these issues or questions will make the process faster for you. However, do not send the templates as they are. Customers will notice, and they will not feel the sincerity of your response as they will detect its automated. Instead, take time to edit them and add some personal touch that is relevant to the review. 


With several people working on your brand reputation, the software should have a collaboration feature, so you can efficiently work together and help each other build your name. In addition, it should let you communicate with each other, so everyone is on the same page. 

Affordable and user-friendly

These applications can come at different prices. Find one that has the features that you need and also falls under your budget. You don’t want to spend more than what you can afford. It should also be user-friendly. Not all users in your company may be tech-savvy. However, it should be easy for everyone to understand so that the learning curve will be short, and you will reap the benefits of its use in no time. 


Generating reports should be quick and easy, so it will also be convenient for users to analyze the data. With this, you will have a better understanding of the current status of your online reputation and do something about it right away if you see a decline. In addition, some tools will let you generate a report in one click. 

Notifications or alerts

You should receive real-time alerts or notifications from vital review sites. It will let you immediately see what customers have to say, and respond to them right away, especially for the critical reviews. Promptly acting on negative feedback can help minimize their impact. 

Aside from the features listed above, find software that will easily integrate with your existing CRM system. You can maximize their use if they can work hand in hand.