Christian Fundraising Ideas for Youth

With the new school year approaching fast, it is time for schools to set their fundraising efforts for the upcoming year. There will be fundraising companies literally knocking down your door – but how do you know which products to promote, which companies to choose and which events to host?

The easiest thing to do is separate them into two golf tournament fundraiser ideas categories, fundraising events and product fundraisers. Most schools usually host several of each kind throughout the year. For this article, we’ll be focusing on how to choose a product based fundraiser that will work the best for your participants.

Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary schools are the most limited in product based fundraising because the average age of their sales force is between 5 and 10. This means you need a simple fundraiser that can be done by even the youngest of participants. Fundraisers where you take orders seem to work best for younger children – the simpler the form the better. Many fundraising companies offer one page flyers that you can use to sell products. While this limits the amount of products you can offer, it simplifies the sales process and makes it easier for the kids. Candle fundraisers usually work well with this age group, as they only feature one to a few different products and are available in a variety of scents; giving customers’ choice, but not enough choice to confuse the kids.

Middle school students range in age from 10-12 and can do more complicated fundraisers, but, at this age, it may be smart to stick with “order taking” fundraisers and not have them carry inventory on hand. There are many brochure fundraising companies and brochure sales can be done for a wide variety or products – everything from coffee to pizza. Try to keep the brochure process simple and explain payment procedures in detail.

The age of high school students usually varies between 13 and 18, which allows you to choose from a wider range of fundraising options. Candy bar fundraising can be a great success for this age group. Not only will the product be welcome and purchased by the sale force themselves, they are simple to do, and 13 to 18 year olds can keep track of money and inventory. Parents can easily do the same at their place of employment and local events (such as a book club).