Evan Dombroski Talks About The Ways To Think Like a Photographer

Photography can be an extremely rewarding and interesting hobby. A lot of people today take up photography as their profession as well. However, to reach this professional level, one must think in a certain fashion. Evan Dombroski points out that while learning about technical elements like camera settings and exposure is obviously important for being a good photographer, being a professional in this practice requires a lot more than that. Professional photographers usually view and approach the world in a much different manner than any layman, which allows them to capture the perfect moments.

Photography is among the activities that require the use of both the right and left side of the brain. Evan Dombroski points out that there is a technical side that involves consistent learning and practicing, while the art side is more about absorbing and refining. While talking about learning how to be a good photographer, most people discuss the technical aspects. Undoubtedly the technical aspects of photography are definitely important, but so are the artistic elements that take into account the type of mindset and thinking a photographer should have. The approach maintained by a photographer while clicking a picture has a major impact on the end outcome.

Here are a few ways marked by Evan Dombroski that can help people to think like a professional photographer:

  • Become an observer of light: Lighting can both make and break a photograph. While it is true that it is literally impossible to take a photo without light, the importance of the correct lighting should also be emphasized upon. Before taking any photograph, one must consider whether the light manages to highlight the subject clearly and is appropriate for the scene and/or the subject. The mood intended for the photograph should also be kept in mind when trying to understand the proper lighting. Photographers must make sure that the light enhances and adds to the scene, but does not cause any distraction to it.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings: Photographers should try their best to notice things that others don’t, and look at the world differently. Curiosity is the key to becoming a good photographer. If they notice anything attractive and interesting on the road, they must try to get closer to it and examine it carefully, to make the ideal click. By doing so, they shall able to start seeing the opportunities for photos that other people may miss. True professionals always stop to examine and photograph stuff that most others will just walk on past. Being able to see and take images of things ordinary people don’t even notice will make the photos of a person stand out, and take them closer to being a true professional.
  • Don’t always rely on software: A lot of modern photographers click simple photos and make it more attractive through various photo editing software. But this is kind of a cop-out. Professional photographers always try to take perfect photos that do not need any extra editing.

Thinking like a professional photographer can go a long way in enabling a person to improve their overall photography skills.