Green Card Lottery Details

The green card lottery, also known as the DV lottery, is basically a way for aspiring foreign nationals into the country they have always wanted to visit – the United States of America. It is one of most straightforward ways to get a green card. In other words, it is a very easy ticket for easy immigration.

Green Card Lottery

Each year, 55,000 visas are awarded to the winners of the green card lottery. This lottery program makes it much easier to get a greencard than traditional methods. After meeting the strict eligibility requirements, foreign nationals can apply for this lottery program. This is why people around the globe try to win the lottery program.

It is essential that you meet two main eligibility criteria to be eligible for the lottery. These include being a citizen of a qualifying country as well as having the required work and education experience. Once you have met the requirements of the State department, you are eligible to participate in the lottery program.

The visas are generally distributed between the six geographical regions. There is a greater number of visas allocated to countries that send fewer immigrants to the US. These visas cannot be granted to countries that have sent more than 50k immigrants to the US within 5 bandar togel terpercaya  the last five years. If you are married but not from an eligible nation, your spouse can apply for your eligibility if you are from one of these countries. You can use the O’Net online program to determine if your job history is sufficient to be eligible for the green card lottery.

Online applications for green lottery are common. To make the selection process secure and efficient, an electronic registration system was used. Several private websites also offer the green card lottery application. To be eligible for the lottery, the application must be completed completely. The application photo plays an important role. All requirements must be met before the photo can be uploaded to the application. If the photo doesn’t meet the criteria, the application could be disqualified.

The results of the greencard lottery programs are usually announced only after two years. This means that those who want to be in the DV 2012 lottery will need to apply in 2010. To avoid last-minute rushes during submission, it is a good idea to apply early. Many applications are rejected due to minor errors in the application form. It is important to do a thorough review before submitting your application.