Most Effective PPC Strategies from the Experts

Navigating the world of pay-per-click or PPC is difficult, especially when you’re new to the game. There’s a lot to wrap your head around, like how the auction processes go, how to best implement your campaign, what keywords to target, etc. Here we discuss tips from top experts in the field, who are parts of a leading pay per click agency. Check these out to learn how you should be adjusting your strategies for maximum impact and cost-effectiveness.

Take advantage of artificial intelligence

Frederick Vallaeys, the co-founding CEO of Optmyzr, spoke about his opinion on automating PPC campaigns even as far back as 2019. He says artificial intelligence (AI) saves time and effort and makes conclusions and correlations that humans fail to consider. 

There are various automation tools that you can use to incorporate AI into your PPC campaign, and Vallaeys outlines three steps to choose the right automation tools: selection, customization and monitoring. 

  1. Selecting an automation tool involves determining your needs and researching what tools can sufficiently cover all of them.
  2. Next, the tool should be a tool that gives room for customization rather than allowing for similar, cookie-cutter services. Even across the same industry, individual businesses have specific selling points, meaning you need to customize your PPC campaign in a way that suits you best, and your automation tool should allow you the freedom to achieve that. 
  3. Finally, You should regularly monitor this automation to see if it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Just because you’ve automated your campaign doesn’t mean you’ll leave it indefinitely. Machines still need human input to do their tasks effectively.

Maximize YouTube ads

Gianluca Binelli is the founder and managing director of Booster Box. While it is not a PPC agency, they still specialize in scientific marketing. The best advice he can give regarding PPC campaigns is picking the best places to put your ads on, including choosing the best YouTube videos. 

Most PPC campaigns focus too much on search engines like Google since it’s the world’s top search engine, but you’ll face stiff competition and high rates on that site. An alternative is YouTube. Every day, people tune in to watch over a billion hours of videos. It’s also currently the second top search engine globally. Thus, advertising on the site can raise ad clicks and push traffic towards your website. The trickiest part is deciding in which YouTube videos to place your ads.

Binelli suggests doing video remarketing. This involves determining which keywords perform well and choosing the most relevant videos that pop up searching for these keywords. 


Our final tip comes from Morten Svinth, PPC tech lead and senior digital marketing consultant at Novicell. His tip is to use Google Ads Experiments, a new and highly overlooked feature in Google Ads. It can test various parameters and situations, such as split-test, campaign structures, keywords, etc.

Recommending the use of this feature stems from the tendency of PPC teams to become stuck in their ways, becoming comfortable with the way they’ve been doing things for years when that might not necessarily be the best option anymore. Svinth poses that he can improve click-through rate and decrease cost per click by experimentally changing parameters in his PPC campaigns and adjust his strategy based on the results.

Final Takeaway

The final takeaway from all these tips is to take advantage of emerging technologies, incorporate other websites into your campaign, and be flexible. If you’re new to the world of digital marketing and are overwhelmed by these advanced tips, a reputable PPC agency can guide you on how to develop a PPC campaign that works for you.