Property Management Companies Corona and Disaster Management in the Pandemic Era

The COVID-19 Pandemic has completely transformed the way people live today. No one saw this era coming and affect every individual and business across the globe. Everyone had to make sudden changes in their plans. They had to stay isolated from each otherand avoid social contact at all costs. Property management companies had to jump into action to make instant changes to their emergency and disaster plans to keep members of the HOAs they looked after safe.


Property management companies Corona – tackling the Pandemic with proactive emergency plans

As mentioned above, no one saw the threats of the Pandemic coming, and its aftermath still lasts to this date. Governments across the world had to resort to lockdown in places where the threats of the virus were high. Though vaccination drives have started, people are still at risk. Keeping track of these developments, property management companies Corona teams immediately started to take action by executing the following changes to their emergency plans to keep HOA residents safe-

Execute the health and safety recommendations laid down by CDC and WHO – This is the first change that property management companies in Corona had to execute in their plans. They issued circulars and made changes to their emergency and disaster plans when it came to social distancing and safety protocols.

Every homeowner was instructed to wear a face mask while stepping out, restricting unnecessary trips outside the home and resorting to frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds. Moreover, most HOAs also implemented a policy of “no guests” where people outside the community were not allowed to enter the premises except for emergencies and other urgent situations. The public amenities on the premises, like gyms, parks, and swimming pools, were also closed.

Residents at risk of the coronavirus were identified – Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, both the CDC and WHO identified people who were at great risk to the coronavirus. They were in the age group of 55 years and above. HOAs undertook extra precautions to keep them safe. They ensured that their caregivers and other members of their family procured supplies to stay safely in the interiors of their homes. Their medical appointments were also confined to at home-visits by healthcare practitioners.

Evacuation – If an emergency took place in case of a disaster, every HOA must have an evacuation plan. This will ensure all the residents will be safe from COVID-19 infections. This plan has to abide by the safety and health recommendations laid down by the CDC and WHO. Keeping residents safe at the evacuation site or location is a major challenge that HOAs have to address.

The above steps are just three of the major changes that property management companies Corona teams have to address to keep residents of HOAs safe. First, the team needs to be proactive and aware. They should be updated about the latest developments and news that revolve around the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, they can implement their emergency plans and ensure everyone is protected during these challenging times.