Tech Trend that is Influencing Education Sector

Today tech has transformed almost all other sectors, including education. A recent study reveals that over 75% of tutors believe that digital learning will fully replace traditional learning, including printed textbooks, exercise, and notebooks by 2026.

Let’s look at some of the modern techs that are predicted to change the future of education.

Tech Trend that is Influencing Education Sector

  1. Digital Learning

A recent survey shows that more than 50.7 million students in k-12 schools use Google education platforms such as Google docs and Gmail on their learning. This number is expected to rise significantly in the future. Several Online Colleges are also there which awards degrees that are equally important to that of traditional degrees.

Incorporating digital learning has significantly influenced interactivity in today’s classrooms. Teachers can upload learning materials to open source classrooms and make them accessible to thousands of students promptly.

Additionally, digital learning has dramatically promoted remote education.

  1. Assertive technology

The rise of powerful technology has empowered students with disabilities, enabling them to acquire an equal level with their classmates. According to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), nearly 7 million students in the US require special education, which enabled by assertive tech devices such as computers with modified features and applications software such as speech-to-text software.

  1. Smart Classrooms

Tech has brought the imaginable smart classrooms into reality. The rise of intelligent devices such as smart tables, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and applications such as Google echo and Amazon Alexia has created a new and personalized learning environment.

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  1. Data Management and Analytical Systems

Data management and analytics are essential elements of an effective education system. New tech has made control and analytics more convenient. Teachers can easily manage and analyze students’ performance. Therefore, they can act appropriately, provide solutions to troubling academic issues,and offer personalized training.


While you can’t stop the future, embracing the new trends is appropriate. The discussed tech are among the top trends influencing the education sector. Online College Degrees are famous during COVID-19. More are expected soon.