Ultrasonic Cleaning in the Medical Industry Benefits Staff and Patients Alike

Are you looking for innovative ways to increase your services and your profit margins? Ultrasonic cleaning services can be a way for your cleaning business to add another income stream that can be highly lucrative. How does ultrasonic cleaning work? The item being cleaned is immersed in an ultrasonic tank filled with water and a small amount of cleaning agent, and then agitated with high frequency sound for a brief time. The item is then rinsed in another tank filled with water and a small amount of rinse-agent, and then dried.

The underlying process is the creation of microscopic lab water bath bubbles in the liquid. Agitation causes these bubbles to collapse with great force. This force produces shock waves up to 20,000 pounds per square inch. These waves then loosen and displace soil from the item being cleaned – this is called cavitation. Some of the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning include:

— Use of state of the art technology.

— Surfaces and cavities are cleaned without scratching, brushing or scraping.

— Oddly shaped and complex objects with tiny crevices and holes can be completely cleaned.

— It takes very short time for cleaning, normally just a few seconds to clean objects such as mini-blinds.

— The process is simple and uses fewer chemicals than in conventional cleaning.

— Cleaning is automated making it more efficient than the traditional tedious form of manual cleaning.

The types of items that can be cleaned with ultrasonic technology are almost limitless:

– Window blinds

– Fire restoration, mold restoration and disaster recovery contents

– Electronics

– Plastic and silk plants

– Patio furniture

– Light Diffusers

Cleaning electronic equipment has always been time-consuming and cumbersome. When using ultrasonics to clean electronics, the process becomes efficient and can be very profitable for your cleaning business. However, there is a lot of confusion about how the process affects electronic equipment.

Many people believe that electronic equipment cannot be placed in water. While it’s true that you should never place electronic devices into water that are still plugged in, use of the proper solution to clean and proper drying techniques allows items to be cleaned and restored using ultrasonics. With the proper equipment and training, there is no damage to electronics being submerged in water.