Why is VPS Hosting Better Than Shared Hosting?

The choice between shared hosting and VPS hosting in India depends on several factors, including the size of your business and website. While shared hosting is highly suitable and affordable for personal websites and small and new businesses, VPS hosting is appropriate for growing businesses with larger websites. So, if you have a growing business and expect your website traffic to grow in the near term, opt for VPS hosting which is a little more expensive than shared hosting plans.

Let us look at some reasons to choose VPS hosting providers in India over shared hosting.

Greater Flexibility:VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but offers more flexibility in terms of resource limits, greater security and better performance. While one server is shared by many websites in both cases, VPS hosting allows a website owner to have greater say over its own resource limits.

Speed: The performance of your website will depend on the type of plan chosen by you. VPS hosting allows faster loading of your website in comparison to shared hosting where your users have to queue up with the visitors to other sites on the same server.

Dedicated Server-Like Environment:VPS hosting mirrors the dedicated server environment on a single shared server by dividing a single server into several compartments that are allocated to different websites. The hosting companies use a software hypervisor to implement a virtual layer on the top of the operating segment to segment the virtual servers. This allows the hosting companies to offer their clients a dedicated server-like environment including root access to the server. While in the case of shared hosting a website must share all the resources with others thereby impacting its overall performance and efficiency.

Greater Freedom: The VPS hosting plans offer clients the freedom to install applications and make environment changes without approaching the hosting service provider.

Security and Stability:In the case of shared hosting even if one website on the server gets hacked, others get affected. VPS hosting allows a website to install personal security software to protect against viruses and other types of threats.

Greater Privacy:VPS plans are highly suitable for businesses or programmers who find shared hosting plans to be inadequate for their needs related to the privacy and security of their content and data. VPS hosting involves the allocation of a specific compartment of a server that cannot be shared or accessed by any other website.

Scalability: VPS hosting is much easier to scale up in comparison to shared hosting. While you can opt for scalable plans while choosing shared hosting, VPS hosting is much quicker and simpler.

So shared hosting is highly suitable for bloggers or new businesses who have limited requirements for resources. However, as a business grows, the need for safety and privacy of the content on the website grows thereby making it look for safer hosting solutions. The demands of the growing traffic also require a website to operate smoothly without any kind of downtime.  VPS hosting in India is quite useful as it offers several benefits of dedicated hosting without charging a bomb.